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The challenge— every day is different



Are you prepared for tomorrow’s markets?

Do you have fun solving puzzles, exploring the latest mathematical techniques or tinkering with new technologies? Do you enjoy learning about interesting problems or working with extremely smart people in a collaborative environment? Do you enjoy competition, testing your skill in an objective manner against the brightest minds in the world?

At Old Mission, you create the tools, technology, and trading strategies to compete in dynamic global markets.

Traders, starting on day one, are part of a close-knit team contributing to common goals. Our size means you work on every aspect of the trade: research, modeling, testing, and execution.

New technologists quickly get up to speed on our entire system. Each line of code you work on—no matter how intricate and specialized—needs to mesh seamlessly with everything else.

Whatever your role, you’re immediately working at scale and seeing the measurable impact in real time.

Relaxed atmosphere, smart people

Transparency and openness are in our DNA. Collaboration and intellectual humility are built into our workflow. We offer everything you’d expect in a modern workplace including well-stocked kitchens and plenty of opportunities to socialize.

Relaxed atmosphere, smart people

Responsible people deserve responsibilities

We assume you can handle responsibility the moment we hire you.

At Old Mission, we feel “learning while doing” is the best way to build skills and a successful career in the financial markets. Our list of interesting things to work on is constantly growing and our willingness to discuss all aspects of the firm’s business lines in an open, collaborative manner is unique to the industry.

In addition, our flat hierarchy means your ideas are judged by their value, not how long you’ve occupied your seat. It’s very likely that you’ll be within arm’s reach of your team leader so it’s easy to access senior people anytime you want.

Responsible people deserve responsibilities

Investing in talent

Developing talented people into successful market professionals has always been our best trade. Success in the trading industry requires mentorship and the opportunity to try new things, experiment and iterate in a production environment. At Old Mission, you’re surrounded by bright, engaged and caring people who all have a vested interest in your development as a trader, engineer or operations professional.

While we have formal training outside of market hours, the real fun happens on the trading desk or during ad hoc conversations. If you want to work with an energetic group of inquiring minds who will not only take your questions but also your answers, you’ll fit right in.

Investing in talent