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Long-term thinking performed by fast, agile minds

What we do


“Everything has a price” sounds like a simple proposition.

Markets constantly shift — influenced by news, supply and demand, and investor sentiment. Determining the right price — for equities, currencies, commodities, bonds, options, futures, and other derivatives — quickly becomes challenging.

We have spent over a decade building the infrastructure to value these securities — more importantly, we have created a platform and culture that will allow us to continue to evolve as the size of our organization grows and the competitive dynamics of the market shift.

Our business runs on code but collaboration between team members is critical to this process.

Providing a critical service—liquidity

Exchange Traded Funds are one of the most important global asset classes. The number of ETFs and their complexity has exploded over the past decade. We are experts at pricing and trading ETFs of all liquidity profiles, specializing in the hardest-to-price and most difficult to trade names. Our advanced quantitative models, valuation techniques and risk appetite often allow us to have the most competitive prices in the marketplace.

Old Mission is prepared to provide liquidity in ETFs and other securities to institutional clients. We take short- and long-term positions in instruments in ways that other market makers can’t or won’t.

Our firm is lean, efficient, and focused — which results in us having aggressive prices and deep liquidity.

Providing a critical service—liquidity

Creating, testing, and executing strategies

Old Mission’s markets are made as a team — collaboration is the secret to our superior pricing and execution. Our quantitative researchers use market data, statistical techniques, and machine learning to transform data into models for a wide range of securities.  Our engineers build high-performance systems and sophisticated algorithms to execute in global markets. Traders manage price execution and risk, using our proprietary systems and pricing libraries. Operations and sales support our clients and traders in their efforts to make markets operate more efficiently.

Together, we are able to add value to the market by assisting participants in efficiently entering and exiting positions in a wide range of securities with minimal market impact.

Creating, testing, and executing strategies