We build things. Old Mission’s profitability hinges on our ability to engineer systems, construct models and compete based on price with some of the smartest people in the world. We come to work each day determined to make better markets by improving some aspect of our infrastructure.

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Quantitative Traders Build…

Models for security valuation:

Our traders try to determine what things are worth. We trade equities, currencies, commodities, bonds, options, futures and other derivatives. Some of our models are simple, while others are complex. Building new models requires imagination, curiosity, and the careful analysis of market data on our custom research infrastructure.

Tools for risk management:

As we buy and sell securities, we acquire risk. Carefully measuring risk is essential to running a global automated trading firm. Our traders are not only responsible for figuring out what things are worth, but also deciding how much risk to allocate in a given market or security each day. All of this is done in real-time using proprietary systems and methods.

Trading algorithms:

Opportunities arise when market prices diverge from our models. Our traders study these opportunities and how to best take advantage of them by executing trades. Traders work closely with our Software Engineers to design algorithms and strategies which interact with markets while minimizing market impact.

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Technologists Build…

Our automated trading system:

We build high performance distributed systems that operate globally. These systems consume market data, run our models, interact with exchanges, and keep track of all of our positions and trades. We only see the scope of our efforts in developing safe, robust, well-engineered software growing over time.

A framework for quantitative research and back-testing:

Constructing trading models requires a robust research infrastructure. We have invested time and effort in tools that make it easy to conduct our research. Our software engineers build, improve and maintain this infrastructure.

Old Mission’s global communications network:

Our systems are globally distributed. We have servers deployed in the major data centers that host exchange matching engines. We need to ensure that our traders and engineers are able to access these systems and use them in a safe and reliable way. Maintaining our private global network is a vital function to ensuring that we can trade and track our risk around the clock.

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Operations Professionals Build…

Systems for quantitatively understanding business decisions:

We always try to measure the impact of our decisions. In our world, things that get measured get managed. Operations professionals are in charge of finding ways to improve our business by strategically analyzing business decisions, quantifying their value, and measuring the results.

Infrastructure to support Old Mission’s growth:

As Old Mission has grown, our Operations group has built out the infrastructure to manage the day-to-day business functions our traders and technologists rely on. Operations professionals run human resources, recruiting, billing and all the other essential functions of our business.