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Old Mission partners with the industry’s most sophisticated institutional investors to provide unmatched pricing for many of the hardest-to-price and most illiquid ETFs.


Pricing and liquidity

We help customers efficiently transfer risk, putting our own capital on the line each day. We specialize in taking short- and long-term positions in instruments other market makers can’t or won’t, bringing our quantitative trading expertise and unrivaled prices directly to the buy side.

Collaborative and accessible

We’re transparent about who we are and how we work, never forgetting the human element of our business. Our customer-centric and unpretentious culture greatly benefits our clients, who find that our approachable team provides a service level and willingness to problem-solve that is without peer.

Your trusted partner

We are committed to building a long-term partnership with the issuer and institutional investment communities through our unconflicted business model, which is fully aligned with the interests of our clients.

ETF Daily

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