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Building Better Markets

Advanced technology - Unique liquidity - Entrepreneurial Spirit


Our Platform

We started building our global quantitative market-making platform in 2008, investing time and expertise in creating a system that can dynamically value individual securities and complicated derivatives at the speed of modern markets. We value thousands of financial instruments globally, and have traded trillions of dollars of securities using our proprietary systems and models, both on and off exchange.

Our market making platform enables us to work with the world’s largest exchanges, brokers, and institutional investors as a trusted partner, assisting them in transferring risk in a wide range of securities, often at prices that are much tighter than our competition.

Our Platform

We’re inspired by big problems

Over the past decade, we’ve assembled an extraordinary team of technologists, traders, and operations specialists dedicated to improving the way markets work.

We foster an outwardly competitive culture with a flat hierarchy that respects good ideas, wherever they come from.

As a privately held firm, we can respond quickly to changing market dynamics, rapidly shifting resources to areas of interest or need. Our unique risk management approach and supporting technology allows our team to respond to client requests of all shapes and sizes, no matter what is happening in global markets.

We’re inspired by big problems

Accurately assessing price and risk

Old Mission offers competitive prices and significant liquidity in a wide range of financial instruments, both on and off exchange.

Our team strives to make the financial markets more efficient by leveraging proprietary technology, sophisticated quantitative techniques, and unique ability to manage diverse portfolio of risks.

Accurately assessing price and risk

For Institutions

Use our deep understanding of risk to shape your strategies

We can work with you to find the most cost-efficient way to express your view of the market.