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Intensely focused problem solvers

Who we are


Extremely complex problems can take years to solve - even with the best minds working on them.

As a quantitative market maker, that’s what excites us: tackling the biggest challenges in markets and taking the time to solve them. That’s the main advantage of being privately held—we set our own expectations. We don’t answer to shareholders or analysts, which means we can properly engineer sophisticated solutions.

Our institutional clients—who operate on a wide range of time horizons—benefit from our carefully developed proprietary solutions — as well as the time we’ve taken to develop them.

A trusted partner

We work with the world’s largest banks, brokers, clearing firms, and institutional counterparties as a trusted partner in financial markets. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct always acting with the long-term interests of our customers, partners, and the markets in mind.

A trusted partner

How we got here

In 2008 we saw an opportunity in the ETF market — by deploying quantitative techniques and sophisticated technology we were able to price and trade less liquid securities more efficiently than the market. Over time our knowledge and codebase grew, eventually developing into a platform that allows us to make markets in a wide range of securities covering nearly every exchange-traded asset class.

We’ve had over a decade of experience as a quantitative market making firm, developing close relationships with many of the most significant financial institutions. But we don’t rest on our laurels – we’re committed to constantly improving our trading systems and models to ensure we remain at the industry’s forefront.

How we got here

Most importantly, we are a team

Although we possess distinct skillsets as traders, technologists, and operations specialists, it’s only through interdisciplinary communication and support that we achieve our goals.

Our quantitative traders are imaginative, curious, and analytical.

We are tremendously skilled at developing pricing models, taking a great amount of care in assessing risk, and deciding how much to allocate in a given market or security each day. And of course, we are opportunistic, taking advantage of market conditions when they are favorable.

The role our technologists play is paramount to our success.

Working closely with our traders, our software engineers design algorithms and strategies that interact with markets while minimizing impact. The robust, high-performance, globally distributed systems our infrastructure team builds consume market data, run models, interact with exchanges, and keep track of all our positions, orders, and trades around the clock.

Our operations specialists find ways to improve our business.

We always try to measure the impact of our decisions. Things that get measured get managed. The analysis our operations team provides supports our growth, and they also take care of the day-to-day functions our other teams depend on.