Old Mission at USC, Caltech, HMC

Old Mission is excited to announce that we will be attending several events in the Los Angeles area from February 22-24, 2023.

First, we will be visiting USC for their Quant SC club, where we look forward to connecting with students interested in quantitative finance and related fields. This will be a great opportunity to discuss career paths, industry trends, and share our experiences in the field.

Additionally, we will be attending Caltech’s Coffee Chats program, where we will meet with students interested in learning more about the financial industry. We are eager to chat over coffee and answer any questions that students may have about careers in finance and how to break into the industry.

Finally, we will be at Harvey Mudd College for their Industry Night for Math and CS, where we will meet with students who have a passion for mathematics and computer science. We are excited to discuss how these skills can be applied in the world of finance, and to learn from the students’ experiences as well.

We are thrilled to participate in these events and look forward to meeting with the talented students of these top institutions. Stay tuned for updates on our journey, and we hope to see you there!