Old Mission at MIT

Old Mission is thrilled to announce that we will be visiting MIT on March 1-2, 2023 for their Coffee Chats program.

As a middle-level but rapidly expanding trading firm and market maker, we are committed to finding talented individuals who are passionate about finance and trading. MIT has always been a great source of top-tier talent, and we are excited to meet with students who share our passion for the industry.

During the Coffee Chats, we will have the opportunity to connect with students over coffee and discuss the many career paths and opportunities available at Old Mission. We look forward to hearing from the students about their experiences, interests, and career goals, and we are eager to share our own insights and experiences with them.

We believe that this event is an excellent opportunity to build relationships with the talented students of MIT, and we are committed to fostering these relationships for years to come. We are excited to participate in the Coffee Chats program and look forward to meeting with the brightest minds in finance and trading.